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 References for Biodiversity and Climate Change

Advocacy Training (class descriptions below)

Session four 11/3: Persuasive Video with Leah Faw

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Recording of Persuasive Video:

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Homework! - Please reference the following prior to class

Session three (10/27): Advocacy Tactics

Session One (10/13): Critical Thinking. Presentation Slides.  For more information on this topic visit: Spotting Fake News


EFM Notebook: Critical Thinking: Needed Now More Than Ever!

Session Two (10/20): Persuasive Strategies. Presentation Slides

Session Three (10/27): Advocacy Tactics. Presentation Slides. And Influencing San Rafael City Council Power Map.

Possible Advocacy Project: Emissions from small engines in California: Fact Sheet

    EFM Notebook: Little Engines, Big Environmental Impact

What is Currently Happening: San Anselmo passed an ordinance that motorized leaf blowers can only be used from 1p-4p on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for a period not to exceed 30 minutes per property. Similarly, Novato, Larkspur and San Rafael are considering ordinances that would limit gas powered leaf blowers, though these have not gone into effect yet. 

 AB 1346  a bill co-authored by CA Assembly members Marc Berman and Lorena Gonzalez was approved by governor Newsom on October 9th, 2021! AB 1346 directs the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) to adopt regulations by July 2022 phasing out the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment in California by 2024. You can find the record of the Senate and Assembly votes here. 

 Another bill, SB 170, was signed into law and includes Section 87:  "$30,000,000 shall be available to the State Air Resources Board to create a program, or utilize an existing program, to provide incentives for professional landscaping services in California operated by small businesses or sole proprietors to purchase zero-emission small off-road equipment, including, but not limited to, leaf blowers and lawn mowers, as defined by the state board, for use in their professional landscaping services."

AB 1346 also directs CARB to make available funding for commercial rebates or similar incentive funding as part of existing programs, such as the Carl Moyer program, for air districts to implement to support transition to zero-emission lawn care equipment. This language, if enacted, will allow air districts like the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to utilize existing funding for buybacks for, in addition to mowers, other zero-emission lawn care tools like blowers and trimmers. 

October 13, 2021 — Critical Thinking 

Trevor Stevenson - Executive Coach for Social Change Leaders

We will start your training in advocacy with a discussion of facts because accurate, reliable facts are the basis of any effective advocacy campaign. Learn how to gather trustworthy information, identify when your biases are altering your perspective, and gain insight into potential opposing views.

October 20, 2021 — Persuasive Strategies  

Next we’ll take the information that we’ve gathered and create a message about the issue that will persuade listeners to take the action you’re recommending. We will talk about effective narrative structure and how values and emotion can affect your argument. 

October 27, 2021 — Advocacy Tactics 

Once we’ve created the message, we’ll learn how to use coalition building and power mapping. The first helps us to identify potential teammates while the second helps identify target people to receive the message and take action. We will discuss how best to share your message, what tactics are effective, and how to listen while you advocate.

November 3, 2021 — Persuasive Video 

Leah Faw, Doctoral Candidate, Education Policy, University of California at Berkeley

Video is today’s most persuasive medium and can take your carefully crafted message far and wide. Define who you are trying to reach and then learn how to select the appropriate social medium to match your strategic requirements. Please note that this is a content discussion, not video-making boot camp.

References for Biodiversity and Climate Change

Our Response to Climate Change is Missing Something Big, Scientists say by Catrin Einhorn  — also as a PDF  (for detailed information  Biodiversity and Climate Change - Report)

9/29 event: Biodiversity on Land, at Sea, on Tam - for a copy of the recording contact


Reference for the 9/22 field trip to Muir Woods with Mia Monroe

Please read the EFM Notebook's installments on the Western Monarch (images linked below):


Reference for the 9/15 field trip to Bothin Marsh with Veronica Pearson and Rob LaPorte

Bothin Marsh in Richardson Bay is an accessible window to an important, diverse and sensitive habitat. Take a walk with Rob LaPorte along the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multiuse Pathway, and you’ll see the marsh with fresh perspective, learning why it is important, how sea level rise threatens the marsh, issues taken up by the community, and ideas for maintenance and preservation efforts.

Bothin Marsh Adaptation Concept Report

References for the 9/9 program: Biodiversity: The Essential Survival Strategy For the Climate Crisis

Justin Robinson:  Everything is Connected

References suggested by David Ackerly:

Adapting California's Ecosystems to a Changing Environment

Califorina Oak Woodlands following... Wildfire

Additional References

E.O. Wilson's Half Earth Project

From Oil to Soil: Podcast: Episode 11/Ecology and Education: Building Biodiversity

EFM Notebook:

Loss of Biodiversity — Insect Apocalypse, What's the Buzz on BeesThe Plight of the Pond Turtle and Successful Efforts to Reintroduce Them in the WestCitizen Scientists: Addressing Environmental Problems with Data and Advocacy

Indigenous practices and Biodiversity — Clothing to Dye For: Story of Indigo, Which Textiles are Best for Saving the Planet?

Video: How Whales Change Climate

New to Environmental Forum of Marin?

EFM history:  Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast by Dr. Martin Griffin (EFM's founder)

Conserving Lands in Marin by Nona Dennis (one of EFM's Founding teachers)

Want to know more about Climate Change?  Climate Change - Ellie Cohen presented Sept. 2020

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