The Time for Environmental Action is NOW!

EFM Projects

Forum 2020 offers one-on-one mentoring in designing and presenting an environmental project of deep interest to you and your community. EFM projects developed in our Master Class (MC) have made tremendous contributions o the environmental health of Marin.  These are just a few of our projects.  For more click here.

 # Plastics Free California

Bridget Clark and Julie Munro, MC 46, are concerned about the severity in plastic pollution and took action.  They advocated for reusable foodware ordinance and in the process exposed the limits of our plastic recycling.  

Marin County's community-based electricity provider, MCE, offers 100% renewable energy but many Marin municipalities elected not to purchase this green electricity until Sarah Loughran and Helene Marsh, MC 43, applied their advocacy skills.  Over several months and many meetings Sarah and Helene persuaded seven municipalities and Marin County to purchase electricity generated entirely from all renewable resources. This greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Marin: as much as taking 835 passenger cars off the road permanently.

Due to climate-driven sea-level rise, Marin City increasingly suffers from flooding. Terrie Green, MC 43, worked with the local Community Services District to help protect Marin City from flooding and to develop a community-wide disaster responses plan.

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