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Terri Green is the Co-Director of Shore Up Marin. Terrie has a BA in Political Science/Urban Studies from San Francisco State University and is a certified health worker from the City College of San Francisco. A long-time resident of Marin City, Terrie has led and served on a number of community programs and initiatives that provide outreach and increase health awareness, community capacity and community governance amongst Marin City residents. Terrie has vast experience in community development leadership including her role in serving on a number of community boards as president and vice chair and co-founding Marin City Charter School and ISOJI (Community Advocacy). Terrie also has a strong experience in case management, program development and non-profit management. Early in 2019,  Shore up Marin initiated the transition into SHORE UP San Rafael and SHORE UP Marin City.  Mrs Terrie Green is the lead person of SHORE UP Marin City and will continue working with Marin City residents and allies to protect Marin City from flooding and sea level rise, climate change adaptation and mitigation and promoting equitable community process in Marin City. 

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