Forum 2020 Schedule — A Special Program for a Unique Time

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This series of online forums is available to all. Choose the classes of interest. Each forum will include recommended readings and multimedia review of the subject followed by an online meeting with experts including current leaders in environmental science and advocacy.   

All classes will be Online Live on Tuesdays 10:30-12:30 unless otherwise noted

Recordings will be available for delayed viewing if you are unable to attend the live class.

September 15 — Climate Change in the time of COVID

Keynote Speaker: Ellie Cohen, CEO of The Climate Center, is a leader in catalyzing cross-boundary, collaborative and just solutions to climate change and environmental degradation. 

September 22 — Rising Shorelines & Nature Based Adaptation Strategies

Discuss the strategies for dealing with Sea Level Rise and how we can take direction from natures own solutions to keep pace with the ever changing situation. 

September 29 — Management of Marin’s Natural Resources (3-5pm) 

Talk with natural resource managers from the organizations of public parks and open space lands that make up 50% of Marin County. You will hear from and be able to discuss issues with Marin County Parks and Open Space, the National Park Service, Marin Municipal Water District, California State Parks and One Tam which works with them all. This session will be held at 3-5pm.

October 6 — Critical Thinking – What is it and Why does it matter?

Speaker: Kraemer Winslow, Make Your Point Communications.  

Examine HOW you think. Critical thinking is the iterative process of questioning and analyzing situations, issues, and information to truly understand what you think you know. The goal of critical thinking is to understand information, identify your biases and form our own opinions.

October 13 — How Government Manages Climate Change ... or NOT.

Evaluate Climate Action Plans and how their measures and programs guide decision making on environmental policies for cities, towns and the County of Marin. Gain an understanding of the process by which you can have a voice in local governments policies to enhance the environment in your community.

October 20 — Persuasive Environmental Strategies

An introduction to Environmental Advocacy Strategies and Power Mapping. Learn what types of messages can most effectively persuade your target population.

October 27 — View from the Podium – What Elected Officials Want/Need From Advocates

Speaker: Kraemer Winslow, Make Your Point Communications.  

Hear straight from the “horse’s mouth” what will more likely lead “Electeds” and other officials to consider and then take action on your advocacy efforts. Learn what behaviors and content leads to influencing them in the ways you want and what may contribute to activating the off-button in their brains. Also understand additional practical aspects of their positions that must be considered when preparing your “on the record” comments for a public meeting. 

November 10 — Frame your Advocacy Message for Quick Connection

Speaker: Kraemer Winslow, Make Your Point Communications.  

Why do some messages “stick” and others are quickly forgotten? Learn what expert marketers and academic thinkers have discovered about how and why certain messages have staying power in our brains. Find out how to connect with others using indisputable core values so that instead of “clicking off,” your listeners’ brains will “click on” with openness and curiosity. 

Presentation Skills & Effective Message Development

Once you have done your homework (preparation, critical thinking, framing, etc.) what are some best practices to prepare and deliver your message? Days One and Two of this section will move you along the path to get you where you want to go! 

January 19, 2021 — Day 1 Deliver Your Message: Maximize “Signal” & Minimize “Noise”

Speaker: Kraemer Winslow, Make Your Point Communications.  

Some think that as long as their words convey their desired meaning, how they deliver them isn’t important. We wish it were so. Research shows that distracting visual and vocal cues as well as repetitive “disfluencies” can distract listeners from focusing on your content thereby, diluting your impact. Learn how to deliver with an authenticity and potency to break through the cluttered media world in which we all live. 

January 26, 2021 — Day 2 Make Your Message Content Clear, Concise & Memorable

Speaker: Kraemer Winslow, Make Your Point Communications.  

All of us have some “hits” and “misses” in our communications. Learn best practices to increase the likelihood that your brief time with listeners is a “hit!” Leave with a multi-purpose template to inform your thought process for making your points. 

Tentative Field Trips:

West Marin: Commerce and Climate Change Impacts for Local Agriculture and Mariculture Industry 

Redwoods and Fire   

 Field Trips will run, if possible, Spring 2021.  Individual tickets will be available for purchase. 

Check back, there is more to come...

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