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A Special Program for a Unique Time  This series of online forums is available to everyone, wherever you live. Each forum will include recommended readings and multimedia review of the subject followed by an online meeting with environmental experts including current leaders in science and advocacy.  

Classes will be online live on Tuesdays 10:30-12:30 

Recordings will be available for delayed viewing if you are unable to attend the live class.

Upcoming Classes

NOTE NEW DATE: January 5, 2021 — Presentation Skills Day 1: Deliver Your Message: Maximize Signal & Minimize Noise

Kraemer Winslow, President/Founder, Make Your Point Communications, Inc.   Some think that as long as their words provide a clear signal and say what they mean, how they deliver them isn’t important. We wish it were so. Research shows that distracting visual and vocal cues as well as repetitive disfluencies (e.g., filler words) can prevent listeners from focusing on your content. This “noise” may result in diluting your impact. Learn how to deliver potent, distraction-free messages to break through the cluttered media world in which we all live. We will spend the first hour focusing on how to set your stage to best present yourself via the popular online platforms. 

January 26, 2021 — Presentation Skills Day 2: Make Your Message Content Clear, Concise & Memorable

Kraemer Winslow, President/Founder, Make Your Point Communications, Inc.  All of us have some hits and misses in our communications. Learn best practices to increase the likelihood that your brief time with listeners is a hit! In this class you will receive a multi-purpose template to think through the opening, body and closing of your brief time making a public comment. In addition, we will talk about the ways to make yourself memorable so listeners can more easily retain and pass on to others what you say. 

Earlier Classes - recordings available

September 15 — Climate Change "No More Business As Usual" - Securing a Climate-Safe Future 

Keynote Speaker: Ellie Cohen, CEO of The Climate Center. Hear the latest on climate science, and human and wildlife community impacts. Ellie will discuss The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California campaign to accelerate climate policy timelines and achieve net-negative emissions by 2030. Learn how together we can rapidly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and launch drawdown at scale while creating new jobs, restoring our environment and protecting our most vulnerable communities, setting an example for our nation and the world.

September 22 — Rising Seas, Resilience, and Retreat 

Learn about the benefits of responding with nature based solutions to sea level rise; enhancing shorelines and habitat to protect our residents, our community's infrastructure, and our way of life.

Robert (Bob) Battalio, Vice President, Environmental Science Associates - Challenging Norms: Innovative Adaptation Measures in Response to Sea Level Rise.

Christina Toms, Senior Environmental Scientist, SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board - Water Board Policy Update: Wetlands and Climate Change

Elizabeth Rush, Author, "Rising - Dispatches from the New American Shore" will share her insights on the social justice implications of sea level rise, and the fragility of marshes and coastland property.

September 29 — Managing Nature in Marin Country

Hear from those responsible for management of Marin County's natural resources and how they balance nature with the human issues of fuels reduction for wildfire prevention, potable water management, and cultural resources such as agriculture.

Sharon Farrell, Vice President for Stewardship and Conservation, Golden Gate Parks Conservancy - Tamalpais Land Collaborative: Managing natural resources and biodiversity in Marin County across boundaries 

Mishon Martin, Chief of Natural Resources and Science, Marin County Parks - Balancing Preservation and Fire Risk 

Shaun Horne Marin Municipal Watershed District, Watershed Manager - Working Watersheds: The Green Infrastructure within Marin County’s Public Lands Network 

Cyndy Shafer, Senior Environmental Science, Bay Area District, California State Parks - California State Parks: History and a Focus on Marin

Ben Becker, Chief Scientist and Marine Ecologist, Point Reyes National Seashore - Balancing the Preservation of Natural Resources and Cultural Landscapes in a National Seashore.

October 6 — Spotting Fake News: How to Analyze the Validity of Claims about the Environment

Susan Holloway, Professor of Graduate School, University of California at Berkeley; Internal Content and Communications Director, Environmental Forum of Marin (Master Class 46)

Mary C. Morgan, Retired San Francisco Superior Court Judge and graduate of (Master Class 40)

Explore the basic elements of critical thinking and learn how we can analyze both sides of a controversy using logic, acknowledging biases, and evaluating evidence.  

October 13 — How Government Manages Climate Change ... or NOT.

What is the role of civic engagement in building equitable community resilience? Learn how you can have a voice in local governments' policies to benefit the environment. Reimagine solutions to climate disruption that build equitable community resilience.  

Jared Huffman, U.S. Congressman, California 2nd District will discuss the US House of Representatives' report from the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Biden's economic/climate plan and climate elements of the Democratic Party platform.

Crystal Chissel, Vice President of Operations & Engagement, Project Drawdown - Climate Solutions for the Present Moment.  

Christine O’Rourke, Sustainability Coordinator of the Marin Climate & Energy Partnership - Working Together to Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change. 

Alexis Fineman, Councilwoman, Town of San Anselmo - Acting Locally: Navigating Your Local Government for Climate Action  

October 20 — Persuasive Environmental Strategies

Trevor Stevenson, Executive Coach for Social Change Leaders. Work in small groups to find your voice: practice effective messaging; and develop tools and skills in story telling. Learn to present your views in a memorable and effective manner that promotes discussion and persuades your target audience. 

October 27 — View from the Podium – What Elected Officials Want/Need From Advocates

Kraemer Winslow, President/Founder, Make Your Point Communications, Inc. Hear straight from the “horse’s mouth” what will more likely lead “Electeds” and other officials to consider and then take action on your advocacy efforts. Learn what behaviors and content leads to influencing them in the ways you want and what may contribute to activating the off-button in their brains. Also understand additional practical aspects of their positions that must be considered when preparing your “on the record” comments for a public meeting. 

Featured Speakers:

Stephanie Moulton-Peters - Marin County Supervisor-Elect, Mill Valley City Councilwoman

Lorenzo Cordova - Senior Aide to Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni 

Nancy Vernon - Legislative Aide to Marin County Supervisor Katie Rice

November 17 - Healthy Soils - Growing Climate Resilience  

When it comes to climate change, agriculture is villain, victim, and potential savior. It produces 9% of California’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but could potentially draw down more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits.  Come hear experts explain how building the health of our agricultural soil can reduce emissions, sequester carbon, and improve plant health. 

December 8 — Frame your Advocacy Message for Quick Connection

Kraemer Winslow, President/Founder, Make Your Point Communications, Inc. Why do some messages stick and others are quickly forgotten? Learn what expert marketers and academic thinkers have discovered about how and why certain messages have staying power in our brains. Find out how to connect with others using indisputable core values so that instead of phasing out, your listeners’ brains will likely click on with openness and curiosity. 

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