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Since 1972, EFM has empowered 2,000+ environmental leaders. In designing this year’s program, we have drawn inspiration from ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

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EFM Notebook Update | Gas Stoves: Latest Weapon in the National Culture Wars!

Last month Florida governor Ron DeSantis released his "Framework for Freedom" budget, which includes $7 million for a sales tax exemption on the purchase of gas stoves. Why? To keep these appliances “free from federal overreach.”

But are gas stoves so beloved in Florida? In fact, only 9% of households in Florida use a gas stove compared with roughly 60% in California!

And Floridians are benefitting from this consumer choice. Recent research found that only 3% of childhood asthma in Florida is attributable to gas stove use compared to 20% in California.

So if Californians were to stop using gas stoves, we could prevent 1 in 5 children from developing childhood asthma. And asthma is just one of the dangers to health and wellbeing that can be directly linked to household use of natural gas.

Check out this earlier Notebook post to learn why it’s critically important to discourage – not incentivize – the use of gas appliances in our homes.

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