At Environmental Forum of Marin (EFM), we're all about education for action. Our founders started by protecting Marin's natural beauty and wild shorelines. Thanks to our EFM members that proud legacy continues and adapts to today's most pressing environmental challenges, which include the climate crisis and the need to support biodiversity. We invite you to join us. 

Forum 2022 is just around the corner! This year we will be focusing on the theme of reciprocity, or how to use environmental knowledge and advocacy to re-establish a productive balance among the earth’s living systems.

In designing this year’s program, we have drawn inspiration from these words of writer Charles Eisenstein:

For any system to thrive, giving and receiving must be in a state of balance. The balance is not rigid or static; it is a state of dynamic equilibrium. Reciprocity means that we receive what nature gives, change its form, and pass it forward, adding to the world’s health, beauty, and living systems. 

Forum 2022 will include virtual presentations by prominent environmental scientists, writers, and advocates. We will offer experiential seminars as well as our popular in-person field trips. This unique series will change your view of the natural world and your place in it. 

Housing Equity & Transformative Justice

Tuesday, October 11, 7:00 – 8:30 pm via Zoom  |  Register here

The first program in the Forum 2022 series prompts us to acknowledge old systems of thinking and community organizing that impede innovative and regenerative solutions to the climate crisis. We will explore new approaches to the challenge of providing safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing to residents of our urban and rural communities.


Margaretta Wan-Ling Lin
UC Berkeley Lecturer and Executive Director at Just Cities

Pam Dorr
Executive Director of CLAM

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