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Environmental Forum of Marin is as strong as its passionate and dedicated members. We've been making a difference in Marin County for almost 50 years through the our educational events and a healthier environment.

This October, we lost one of our own: Ann M. Maurer Bauer

She was a true Mujerona of Marin: her presence was large with benevolence, humor, strength and perseverance. We have been blessed with a score of Mujeronas in Marin, from Alice Eastwood, Caroline Livermore, Ellen Strauss (and many more) in the 19thC and 20thC, now to Ann and her contemporaries in the 21stC.  

Throughout her professional career, Ann continually embodied feminine qualities of grace, self-authority, abundance and power – while achieving high goals in traditionally male-dominated fields. Her life was  dedicated to encouraging not just environmental diversity, but social, physical, spiritual, and mental health for both people and the planet.

Ann studied natural resources and technology at Humboldt State University, spent a summer working as a wilderness ranger, and served as a Peace Corps environmental educator in Paraguay. She also served on a new wildland management team in Honduras. But most notable was the 23-year career Ann enjoyed at The Marine Mammal Center, eventually as Director of Education. She also demonstrated her devotion to the natural environment by leading coastal cleanups for 26 years, by volunteering for Home Ground Habitat Nursery and the San Rafael Clean Coalition. Finally, Ann also served on the Board of the Environmental Forum of Marin.

She will be deeply missed.

by Carolyn Losee

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